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About the company VELES:

The company VELES is one of the leading companies in the field of tillage equipment in Russia. There are more than 40 dealers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Thus we can offer high-quality and quick technical and spare parts support to all of our clients. High quality of the equipment is guaranteed by implementing the ISO 9000:1 quality management systems.

The quality was recognized in 2016 and 2017 as our products were awarded as «The best product of Altay region». Foreign clients can by VELES equipment in installment and get 80% transportation costs reimbursement.


The company VELES will present at the exhibition:

VELES Disc Harrows

The VELES machine-building plant located in the settlement Pavlovsk just in the heart of the Altai Territory – the largest agrarian region of the Russian Federation, is a fairly young enterprise. Manufacture production of agricultural implements here started in the 90th of the 20th century. Today, the plant is a manufacturer of up-to-date tillage equipment: disc harrows, stubble cultivators, wide-coverage press wheels, spring-type and tine harrows.

2017 brought the long-awaited and well-deserved result to the young enterprise - according to the statistics of the Russian Rosspetsmash Association, based on the results of the first six months, VELES plant is the leader in sales of tillage machines in the Russian Federation and abroad. This result is a natural consequence of the consistent policy of production facilities modernization, increase in the level of products quality and ensured stability.

The modern technical level of the manufactured machines also contributed to the VELES’s success. For example, the plant was among the first in the Russian Federation to master the serial production of advanced disc harrows with 430-mm compact conical discs. It promotes the expanded use of soil conservation and resource-saving mini tillage systems. A typical representative of the standard series machines is BDP-7 VELES trailed harrow with working width of 7 m which became the bestseller in the segment of similar implements. Aggressive processing of residues and soil by VELES compact disc harrows is ensured by the design and layout of the work tools – 430-mm conical discs are arranged in two rows with the distance between the adjacent discs of 125 mm. The key advantages of such a design are qualitative performance of provocation immediately after harvesting the previous crop, getting the optimal mulching layer of 1- 3 cm, ideal pre-sowing tillage, and uniform coverage of mineral fertilizers and soil herbicides. Do not forget that the racks with discs are attached to the VELES disc harrow frame by rubber elastomers, which allows using these implements in the non-stop mode on stony fields. The harrow is easily transferred to the transport position and can be transported at speeds up to 20 km/h on roads. Warning lights are standard for most VELES tillage machines. The factor of success is in choosing the right tractor. BDP-7 VELES trailed harrow was manufactured specifically for operation with 250-300 hp capacity tractors.

 veles bez fona

The special pride of the VELES machine-building plant is its own production line of work tools, in particular, discs and bearing assemblies for compact disc harrows. 430-mm conical discs have 5 mm in thickness and are made of special spring steel heat treated to 38-42HRC hardness. Steel used for the manufacture of parts is subject to the strict quality control at the plant. At the customers’ request, the plant manufactures heavy-duty wear resistant discs by surfacing the 20-mm cutting edge with tungsten carbide to extend the disc life by 4 times, on average.

Two types of bearing assemblies for the disc harrow are available for the VELES plant’s customer. In both cases it will be maintenance-free, but, for VELES - easy to maintain. The original VELES’s bearing assembly provides long life and is as reliable as the imported equivalents. But its advantage is in the possibility to replace the bearing and the seal, which reduces the cost of replacing the set of discs by more than 82%.


High quality of the VELES’s machines was checked by the Russian and foreign farmers. The machines are sold through the dealer network that includes 45 representative companies in the Russian Federation and abroad. Wide experience of work allows customizing VELES’s machines for of farmers and maintaining its reputation as the manufacturer of high-quality domestic impements.

In 2017, the plant started cooperation with the European dealer companies and will present one of the leading models, BDP-7, at Agritechnica 2017 Exhibition in Hanover.

For more information about VELES’s machines and new products, visit our website:

We will be glad to welcome you at the VELES’s stand at Agritechnica 2017 (Hannover)!