Russian Pavilion at "AGRITECHNICA 2017"




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About the company "New Agro-Engineering Reform":


The company LLC "New Agro-Engineering Reform" (LLC "NAER") is a modern, high-tech manufacturing enterprise that produces resource-saving sowing equipment, as well as machinery for cultivating vegetable crops.

Within a short time since its founding in 2009 the Company developed agricultural machines that meet the highest requirements of agricultural producers everywhere. At the moment, NAER production site produces 12 types of trailed and mounted equipment. The Company's products have proven themselves to be the best transport solution in many regions of Russia and CIS countries.

Our product is exported to countries in CIS, Europe and Asia. One of the main tasks of agriculture today is the transition to modern resource-saving and high-performance technologies. Our mission is to create progressive technical solutions for increasing the effectiveness of agricultural cultivation. Our goal is keeping pace with the times.


 "New Agro-Engineering Reform":will present at the exhibition:


Our mission is to create progressive technical solutions for increasing the effectiveness of agribusiness. We are keeping pace with the times.

The seed drill capacity and quality of its operation directly effects the crop output, and, consequently, future profit of the farmer. In the course of the sowing period, this machine must operate quickly, trouble-free, with high precision and within strictly scheduled periods.

DON mechanical grain seeders have proved their capability to very precisely place seeds and fertilizers into soil. At the same time, they are easy to control, adjust and maintain. They are perfectly adapted to operation in Russian conditions: the turbo disc has a smaller width, depth control is performed by the rear covering wheels instead of the carrier wheels of the double disc coulter fitted on imported seeders; covering wheels have a smooth trapezoidal profile to make soil less sticky in wet soils.

DON-114 model was specially designed for MTZ 82 tractors and is in strong demand among farmers. DON-114 is designed for grain and leguminous crops sowing, as well as for seeding small-seed crops and sunflowers by applying the zero-tillage technology known as “No-Till” and sowing on minimal and traditional technologies.




Seeding unit features:

  • Direct sowing cutter (turbo-disc, colter) provides cutting of crop residues, furrow formation and micro-tillage of soil along the line of sowing. The type of Dura-Fluted cutter was specially selected for Russia and has a slimmer profile.


  • The double disc coulter places seeds to the preset depth.


  • The rear seeder roll compacts soil around each seed to ensure good contact with the soil. It operates at any soil moisture content and does not throw seeds out of the furrow unlike the compaction wheel.


  • The double covering wheels cover the furrow. The trapezoidal shape with polyurethane edges is selected for less soil sticking.

Depth control is adjusted by the covering wheels. Unlike many disc seeders, where depth control is adjusted by the coulter carrier wheels (flanges), this method avoids problems when operating on wet soils.

Seeds and fertilizers application rates are regulated by gearboxes with a set of sprocket gears. Load on the sowing bodies is spring regulated in 4 steps, as well as by the spacers on the rods of the hydraulic cylinders that regulate the degree of the seeder frame lifting and lowering.

DON-114 capacity is 17-20 hectares per a 12-hour shift, depending on the application rates, loading method and field features.


Working width

3 m

Number of rows


Row spacing

21 сm

Seed hopper capacity

600 l

Fertilizer hopper capacity

300 l

Grass hopper capacity (option)

100 l


3000 kg

Tractor power

80 h.p.