Russian Pavilion at "AGRITECHNICA 2017"


BDM angl


(Hall № 11)


 About OOO "BDM-Agro":

OOO "BDM-Agro" is the first company which created the design and serial manufacturing of disc harrows with adjustable vertical stand - DISKATOR ®. At the moment, the leading manufacturer of tillage equipment in Russia.

OOO "BDM-Agro" will present at the exhibition:

BDM 5х2 PT disc harrow changes the farmers’ concept of the quality tillage.


 5x2PT disc harrow is one of the most noticeable new products released this year by BDM-Agro. It attracts attention not only by impeccable quality of materials and components used in the process of manufacture, but, first of all, by the layout of work tools.

Separately, all these elements were previously used in the production of harrows and disc harrows, but it is their combination in one implement that ensured its success with the farmers and high sales. The first and second rows of spherical discs installed on the individual rigid prop ensure the opening and dispersion of the processed soil, and the fork-type deflectors installed after the discs prevent the soil from being scattered around and direct it to the third row of double wavy discs to have lumps of soil additionally reduced in size; the third row not only additionally reduces the size of soil lump, but also successfully cuts the furrow slice formed over the seeding bed when any disc implement is used.

The final stage of this idyll is a double U-shaped roller designed to self-clean when used on wet and loamy soils. Reduced wear and tear of the roller is ensured due to the fact that the soil sticking to the U-shaped cavity also turns into a "work tool" by crushing lumps of soil, compacting and leveling the worked surface. BDM 5х2PT disc harrow demonstrates quality even at the speed of 18 km / h and 270 hp power requirements from the tractor only.

You may view the BMD 5x2PT disc harrow not only at regional, federal and international agricultural exhibitions, but also at the site, and also get the required information by phone: +7 (861) 279 65-95.