Russian Pavilion at "AGRITECHNICA 2017"




 (Hall № 9)

About the company "LILIANI":


"LILIANI" is the manufacturer of agricultural machinery intended for optimization of grain logistics. The machines can be used for the majority of bulk crops (grains and oilseeds).

Also, the company develops and implements package innovative solutions in the field of sowing logistics, grain harvesting, storing and transshipment.


Main products:

- Grain hopper-reloaders;

- Machines for grain storage in plastic bags: MZU grain packaging machines and MZP grain unloading machines;

 - МВА vehicle-based reloaders - "mobile dump pit ";

- Special equipment for hopper-car loading.


The company "LILIANI" will present at the exhibition:

Liliani, LLC, as a part of the Russian exposition of Rosspetsmash, will be located in the Pavilion R11 and represent the following machines:

- BP 16.S2 grain hopper-reloader with the function of grain pretreating;

- MZU grain packaging machine MSS with the system of treatment with a preserving agent;

- MVA-450 vehicle-based reloader with the spreadering function (grain spreader);

- MZR multifunction machine.


BP 16.S2 grain hopper-reloader can be used both for harvesting and sowing, for loading  sowing complexes with seeds and fertilizer simultaneously by speeding up the process by 6-8 times compared with the

conventional method. Due to the two-section design of the body, the hopper-reloader can be loaded with seeds and fertilizers at the same time and load the seeding complex in one run. The SHS system of self-

loading makes it possible to load the seeds and fertilizer into the hopper at any place via a utility vehicle fitted with the rear unloading gravity slide. Simultaneous treatment of seeds at the time of loading is possible

if the system of seed treatment is fitted.


 The second exhibit is the MZR grain packaging machine with the function of treatment with a preserving agent to solve the issue of the simultaneous addition of preserving agents when laying grain for storage into

the plastic silo bags. Manual application of preserving agents by applying various devices does not guarantee its uniforn distribution in grain mass, and MZU Liliani distributes the preserving agent in a balanced

manner throughout the entire space.

This method of preservation excludes manual labor, reduces time, and allows performing the process quicker and better.


Another exhibit of Liliani will be the MVA-450 vehicle-based reloader with the function of grain spreading. This machine is designed for grain and other bulk materials reloading from a dump vehicle to any other

vehicles or processing appliances. By taking a bulk material from a vehicle, this machine, with the help of the grain spreader, can transfer it to any place of a storage house. The maximum transfer distance is 23 m,

and the maximum height is 8 m, which makes it possible to optimally distribute the material throughout the entire warehouse space.


 MZR will be presented for the first time as the own innovation of the manufacturer from Rostov; the multifunctional mechanism is intended for its application in a number of agricultural processes: for loading sowing

complexes and hopper-reloaders during sowing; for reloading of grain from dump vehicles to MZU; acceptance and transfer of bulk materials in warehouses; unloading grain from plastic silo bags and taking

grain from storing bunkers.

The model advantage is in its multifunctionality: it is able to solve tasks which previously required several mechanisms.

Presentation of MZR in this version for the first time will be held in Hanover, and visitors of Agritechnika-2017 will be the first to assess the advantages of this new development from Liliani.